Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lisa's Review on The Advocacy of Technology in The Classroom

Loud and Clear: Students Find Their Voices Through Multimedia

With the use of multimedia, students are finding their voice to speak and document issues which are detrimental to women. Consuelo Molina was not very active in her school activities because of her shyness which lead to non interest in what was going on in her community. She never thought of simple sweat shops having any effect on her environment. When she discovered the (SFETT), everything of which she knew changed drastically for the better. She became more aware of what was happening to women not only in her community, but also in other parts of the country. All of this came about because of belonging to a technology team located in San Fernando. This team known as the San Fernando Education Technology Team (SFETT) allowed her to be exposed to videotaping, sound recording, editing, photography, and a variety of other multimedia sources including presentational instruction with the use of technological equipment. All of this use of multimedia allows her voice and opinions to be heard and known loud and clear around the world. Her documentary on sweatshops titled, “A Sacrifice for You”, has received notoriety for exposing the use of women who work in sweatshops for penny’s on the the dollar.
The school in which Molina attends has an enrollment of mainly poor Latino students and ninety-six percent have no access to computers in the home while eighty-three percent have performed below grade level. About 300 people have participated in the SFETT program and every student who has graduated through the program have went on to college. With the use of multimedia, the SFETT can focus on teaching technology using digital media to more students like Molina.

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